Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game

Susan Syddall 23 August 2013 Numeracy
If you’re looking for a new maths game to play with your children, try Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game which you can print for FREE.

Aunt Lou’s Board Game

We’ve been playing it this week and the boys loved it.

The game is based on the story, Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo. In the story, Cockatoo creates a hullabaloo in Aunt Lou’s house which causes Aunt Lou to became very frazzled!

Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game:

is non-competitive. The players are not playing against each other. Rather they work together to see which way the marker will move. Will it go towards Aunt Lou or towards Cockatoo?
can be played individually or in small groups
reinforces addition skills
strengthens the concept of odd and even numbers
The Objective of Aunt Lou’s Board Game
… is to move the marker, according to the numbers rolled on the dice (odd vs. even numbers), towards Aunt Lou or the Cockatoo. Will the marker reach Aunt Lou first or Cockatoo?

Who will win? Aunt Lou or Cockatoo?

Materials Required
Materials needed for Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game

A pair of dice (we used a pair of dice for each player which helped to keep hands and minds busy)
A marker (could be anything – e.g., a Lego Brick, small toy, wooden block, pebble). We opted for a glass pebble as I loved the texture and feel of it.
The game board.
Players take turns to roll the dice

In regards to printing the game board, you have two options.

Option One: Print the game board on two A4 sheets of paper which can then be taped together to form an A3 sized gamed board. Log-in to access printables

Option Two: print the game board on A3 paper. Log-in to access printables

Laminating the game board will make it more durable.

Hint: we’ve found that by taping two corners of the board to the table when children are playing, the board will remain stationery throughout the game.

How to Play the Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo Board Game
Players take turns to roll the dice

Players take turns to roll the dice, add the numbers together and then move the marker.

If the total of the dice is an even number, the marker is moved towards Aunt Lou.
If the total of the dice is an odd number, the marker is moved towards Cockatoo.

It’s a simple game but one which definitely has value in reinforcing mathematical concepts (addition, odd/even numbers).

We found that we ended up cheering for different characters. The part of me, who is forever cleaning up mess in our house, wanted Aunt Lou to ‘win’ while the boys wanted the dice to move to Cockatoo. Perhaps because, like the Cockatoo in the story, the boys seem to have a predisposition to creating mess!

Players take turns to roll the dice

Amazingly, the Cockatoo seemed to win more often than Aunt Lou. I’m not sure if that’s because the dice were ‘helped’ to roll odd numbers or if we really did just roll more odd numbers than even. This raises another mathematical concept of probability. Who knew there could be so much learning in games!!!

For More Challenge
If your children need more challenge, add a few more dice to the mix. Instead of just adding two numbers together by using 2 dice, use 3 or 4 dice so that you end up adding 3 or 4 numbers together.

You are most welcome to download Aunt Lou’s Board Game for FREE.

If you’re looking for the story of Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo, it’s available as an app.

I’d love to hear how your family enjoys this game. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page. Have a great day!

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